Boogie Feet's spirit is based on the combination of high quality boogie woogie live music, dance teaching and cozy homemade athmosphare of Norwegian mountains.


Our goal is to bring participants to the thrilling world of piano tunes to rock their feet! Morning and day time dance classes followed by the later parties with live music and many small additional events will give the full impression of what the real boogie woogie culture is.


Experienced dancers can enhance their skills in the classes of three social track levels. For those who has never tried a dance step before we organize a special beginners' track where all basics for a good boogie start up will be provided. Competition couples will get to answer their questions in competition and show track led by the top boogie woogie competitiors.


All evenings will be filled up with live music, dancing and additional entertainment, such as competitions, performances, spontaneous jams and other things enavitable for such events. Our Team is working hard to promote social and competition dance on the same level. For that reason great prizes are suggested for those who will try themselves in the competitions. Special ranking list system is made specially to encourage participants to go for more than one competition.


Not only dancing and music makes Boogie Feet's special! Location itself suggests much to experience. Dombas is one of the most beautiful places in Europe with rare flora and fauna. One of the greatests touristic attractions is mountain Muskox which can be found only in two places in the world, one of which is Norway. Fresh air, clean natural water and beautiful landscape makes this place unique.


Held in August (on many requests from the former participants) Boogie Feet's gives a great opportunity to make your holidays unforgetable!






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