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Most of our Artists have much to tell about their professional experience. In addition to their short biographies we provide video examples of their work as well as usefull links for you to get to know them even better!


Silvan Zingg Trio

Silvan Zingg (piano), Nuno Alexandre (double bass) and Valerio Felice (drums) from Switzerland have become a family to the BFF. They are top level musicians performing Boogie Woogie all over the world, working not only as a great team, but also individually.

Silvan is "The Boogie Woogie Ambassador from Switzerland" who started playing the piano at the age of 10 being inspired by vintage recordings.

After accomplishing education Silvan started performing worldwide and got to play on one stage with B.B King and Chuck Berry.

There are many articles written about this great musician. Check out Wikipedia and Silvan Zingg's Biography.


Apart from playing Silvan is also organizing his own International Boogie Woogie Festival in Lugano (Switzerland) inviting a selection of the worldbest pianists and dancers!


Nuno Alexandre is a "slapbass" specialist whose technique of playing the bass is mastered by only few musicians nowadays.

Valerio Felice is a drummer whose style is subtle adapting perfectly to Silvan's piano play. What is more he can amazingly accompany any kind of music with his drum technique.

Please read more about the Trio here and see them in action.

Balázs Dániel Trio

Balázs Dániel (piano), Barnabás Koch (percussions), Ferenc Zink (double bass) are the only ensemble in Hungary which plays boogie woogie in a traditional line-up. The trio appeared in 2009 adn since then had a great success not only in Hungary, but also internationaly.


All are the masters of their instruments. They have great spirit, punchy jokes and colourful elements to spice up their music, which adds to their great technique. People usually dance between the rows on their concerts!


Balázs, also known as "Mr. Firehand," is called "The Boogie Woogie Ambassador of Hungary." Appart from boogie woogie his styles embrace Blues, Stride and New Orleans Jazz. Born in 1990, Győr, Hungary, he started to play piano for his own pleasure when he was 14 years old. He first heard live boogie woogie piano in Switzerland in 2006. Sitting in the audience, Balázs decided to become a boogie woogie pianist.


"Mr. Firehand," was only 18, when his first CD was released with the title “Burning Fingers” (2008). He played together with Silvan Zingg on the concert with Carlos Santana and Chuck Berry, with Milke Sanchez on the concert with Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton, shared stage with B.B. King and Ray Charles.


Read more about Balázs Daniel, his event called Boogiefeszt and see the Trio in action!

Écska Pleszkán

Écska Pleszkán (vocal) is the daughter of Frigyes Pleszkán, who was one of the most outstanding jazz pianists of Hungary.


Her special singing voice matched with lovely appearance overwhelms the audience. Memorable performance is guaranteed for everone!


Écska is often performing together with Balázs Dániel Trio and experiencing them toegther is something special.


This singer’s commanding and sexy voice is an excellent companion to the dashing and lively performance of the Trio.


She has a very unique style, unique voice, and unique image.


In 2017 Écska together with the Trio have created a song specially for the World Rock-n-Roll Confederation, which is used for the international boogie woogie competitions nowadays.


Listen to Écska's singing here!

Nirek Mokar

Nirek Mokar (piano) from France got a nickname Boogie Kid, because he is one of the youngest boogie woogie piano players of that high level.


At 14, Nirek is a really gifted keyboard maverick and a boogie woogie fan. He got addicted with this kind of music in Yves Riquet's Paris Boogie Speakeasy where superb jam sessions take place in a venue featuring 6 pianos. Playing together with the best players: Axel Zwingenberger, Frank Muschalle, Silvan Zingg, Ricky Nye, Jean-Pierre Bertrand - to mention but a few - Nirek became infected with this kind of music.


He took a couple of lessons with Jean-Pierre Bertrand, listened tirelessly to Boogie on YouTube and on CDs and got inspiration from what he heard.


Thereafter stride pianist Jean-Baptiste Franc taught him the difficult coordination technique and sharpened his rhythmic feeling and his playing.

Within a few months Nirek acquired an exceptional maturity thanks to his musical sensibility, a good memory and a devastating passion and a supporting entourage.


Enjoy Nirek's play!


Thorbjørn & Flora

Thorbjorn Solvoll Urskog (NOR) & Flora Bouchereau (FRA) both had been part of the boogie woogie competition scene for quite some time with previous partners when they started dancing together in the early part of 2014.

In 2014 and 2015 they won both World Championships after which retired from the competitions.

Today Thorbjørn and Flora teach Boogie Woogie and Lindy hop at a full time basis. From their base in Montpellier, France, they are hopping around from event to event, sharing the passion and love this dance has to offer.

Thorbjørn finished 2 higher educations at the technological university of Norway. In addition to dancing he's a civil engineer in computer aided design, and has a trainer education from the Norwegian Olympic federation.

Already from an early age Flora tried various paths before finding her call as a swing dancer. She was a typical skater-girl with cap and baggy jeans who did sailing, skating, in-lines and she even was a national champion in giant slalom in her age group.


Enjoy their great dancing!

William & Maeva

William Mauvais & Maéva Mauvais-Truntzer (FRA) are both from South of France and currently live in Montpelier.


They met on the dance floors where they were competing boogie woogie at the age of 14 years old.


William and Maéva are four times boogie woogie World Champions (2005, 2008, 2009, and 2010) as well as winners of many Lindy hop competitions.


Not only performances make them so popular around the world. William and Maéva are great teachers and despite their young age, they have been teaching and sharing their passion around the world full time for 5 years, being real professionals, fearsome competitors and showmen. Get to know them better here.


These dancers of small stature will sure know how to carry you away into their world full of talent, humour, genius and generosity, which they can’t wait to share with as many people as possible.


Enjoy seeing William and Maéva in action!

Sondre & Tanya

Sondre Olsen-Bye (NOR) & Tanya Georgiievska (UKR) started partnership at Swing Aout Festival 2015 (Laroquebrou, France) and right after got invited to teach in Canada.


Since then it rolled like a snowball with more and more invitations to teach and perform Boogie Woogie and Lindy-hop in different events around Europe. Appart from that they got involved into the international Boogie Woogie competition scene representing Norway. During 2016-2017 Sondre and Tanya have entered all finals in each competition.


Such fast development made them win four World Cups, Nordic Championship and, most important, World Championship 2017 (Marseille, France).


Currently they continue competing, performing, teaching and sharig the dances they love in any possible way! You can always get to know more about Sondre and Tanya.


Watch them dancing!

Markus & Jessica

Markus Kakuska & Jessica Kaiser (AUT) have more than 15 years of dance partnership together.

Each of them started dancing at a very early age, and in the year 2000 the world saw a new Boogie Woogie couple performing and competing on national and international level. Their biggest successes in that field are:

Vice European Champion in Juniors Class;

More than 50 wins in Juniors and Main Class in Austria;

4 times National Champions of Austria.

Since 2011 Markus and Jessy have been teaching Boogie Woogie and were welcomed by international events in many countries such as Germany, England, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland etc.

When it comes to teaching, their main topics are Leading and Following connected with Musicality. The fun, harmony and special 'Viennese sense of humor' - is what makes them distinctive and memorable couple.


Please get to know Markus and Jessy better and watch them dancing!


Alexey & Svetlana

Alexey Gavrilov & Svetlana Gavrilova (RUS) are living and teaching in Moscow.


Alexey started dancing Boogie Woogie and Lindy-hop in 2006. Sveta joined him in 2013. They have been teaching and competing in Russia before making a decission to compete internationaly in 2017.

Already during their first comeptition season this year they:

won Ruassian Boogie Woogie Cup;

got 4th place in the Boogie Woogie World Cup (Frauenfeld, Switzerland);

entered final in the Boogie Woogie World Cahmpionship and won World Cahmpionship in Boogie Woogie Formation as both, participants and choreographers (Marseille, France)


More than 1000 students were taught by Alexey and Sveta all over Russia and abroad, and many of them are still dancing. Their speciality is to bring harmony and find an individual approach to each student in positive light.


In addition to dancing, Alexey finished military college and has a diploma in group psychology, and Sveta is educated as an economist and business coach.

Enjoy watching Alexey and Svetlana in action!

Kuva & Sonya

Sergey Kovalov (UKR) & Sofya Kapustina (RUS) live and develope dance community in Oslo (Norway) since 2015.


Sergey, also known as Kuva, started dancing in 2008 and already in 2009 became a teaching partner of Tanya Georgiievska. Sonya joined dancing in 2010 and in 2011 Kuva and Sonya have become a couple, studying Boogie Woogie, Lindy-hop and Collegiate Shag all over Europe, taking classes from Lennart Westerlund, Barbara Billups, Sugar Sullivan, Gil Brady, Marcus Koch and Bärbl Kaufer. They turned that knowledge into the teaching concept of interaction within dancing and musicality. Kuva is also a professional musician and used to play in the band (guitar is his main instrument), which makes him provide students with deeper understanding of music.


In 2012 they started competing and opened their own Swing dance school "Hot Boogie Club" in Kiev affiliated in Khmelnitskiy (Ukraine). There are 4 teaching couples as well as Solo teachers in both schools. More than 700 students went through the "hands" of Kuva and Sonya. They managed to build up strong social Boogie Woogie dance comunity in Kiev and all who attended their classes was amazed by their unique way of teaching, making hard material easy to understand.

Check out Kuva and Sonya in their class!

Eirik & Zoryana

Eirik Bolme (NOR) & Zoryana Kalashnik (RUS) are among the best Boogie Woogie officials in the world. Both built their teaching carreers independently, yet making an amazing team together.


Eirik has successfully competed internationaly entering final in the World Championship 2011 and numerous Boogie Woogie World Cups. He is working at the Norwegian Dance Federation and is being invited to coach and teach national Boogie Woogie teams all around Europe.


Zoryana had been competing internationaly in 2015-2016 leaving the stage on the 4th place in the World Boogie Woogie Ranking List 2016.

Since March 2017 she is being responsible for the development of Boogie Woogie in Russia working for Russian Dance Federation of Acrobatick Rock-n-Roll.


Additionaly, both Eirik and Zoryana work as international Boogie Woogie judges in the World Rock'n'Roll Confederation.


At the BFF 2018 they will be teaching Competition track. Don't miss it!



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