Festival Prices:

Full pass - 160 EUR / 1425 NOK

- 7 hours of classes

- 4 danceparties

- taster classes

Party pass - 90 EUR / 825 NOK

- 4 danceparties

Classes Pass - 100 EUR / 925 NOK

- 7 hours of classes

- taster classes


Descriptions of classes:


For those who would like to extend their knownledge of boogie woogie dance to the stage performance and/or competitions. You should be able to dance the difference between fast and slow tempos.


For those who want to learn basic steps, lead and follow principles from the bottom and master some variations to use on the dancefloor.

Level 1

For those who already knows boogie woogie basics very well.

Level 2

For those who feel comfortable with dancing different boogie woogie foot and figure variations using them to underline musical rhythm and style changes.

Level 3

For those who are confident on the dance floor, able to dance to all tempos using figures, variations and footsteps to interpret different kinds of music.



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