Grzegorz Agnieszka

Grzegorz and Agnieszka Cherubinski/Cherubinska (Poland) are Boogie Woogie dancing siblings.


Grzegorz has been dancing since 1998 and Agnieszka since 2004, but only in 2009 they decided to start a career together. Under the eye of Grzegorz Kowalczyk, they began to compete internationally and nationally, as club. Their first international success came with the 5th place on World Cup in Maribor in 2009. But their

career boomed in the April of 2011 when they started to break the Scandinavian 'monopoly' of boogie woogie final couples also taking 3rd place in World Championship in Stuttgart.


Apart from competitions Grzegorz and Agnieszka performed to promote Swing Dance Styles, participated in many TV-shows and Talent Shows.


Since 2016 reaching highest results in their lives, becoming European Champions and Vice World Champions, Grzegorz and Agnieszka decided to stop competing.

Their achievements are:


Vice World Champions 2016;


European Champions 2016;


World Master Title for winning overall ranking in 2015;


Polish Champions 2011-2016;


Bronze medalists of World Championships 2011, 2013;


Bronze medalists of European Championship 2014;


finished on 2nd place in World Ranking list WRRC 2016.


Now they are giving their own style and new look to Boogie Woogie. Their dance technique is a combination of many different techninques with an extra touch of Polish style, which provides for a unique feeling. They are not just good dancers, but also incredible teachers. Leading the class, Grzegorz is tough and at the same time funny teacher. Much concern is put to a good connection and relaxation for a really enjoyable dance.


Did you know that...


Agnieszka Cherubińska is the owner of, probably, the longest legs in the boogie woogie dance scene! Her range of interests goes far beyond swing dancing. Having Master Degree in Engineering of the Food Technology and human nutrition, Aga also loves pole dancing and takes classes to keep her stretched beautiful body in the perfect shape.


Grzegorz Cherubiński is educated as Master of Economics with the speciality of Economics of the enterprise. Also Grzegorz trained various kinds of dance techniques, and feels best in different forms of jazz dance, such as Broadway jazz or old school jazz. His main aim in dancing is to have fun, playing with music, comforting his dance partner, always being yourself and keeping your own style.



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