Markus Jessica

Markus Kakuska and Jessica Kaiser (Austria) have more than 15 years of dance partnership together.


Each of them started dancing at a very early age, and in the year 2000 the world saw a new Boogie Woogie couple performing and competing on national and international level. Their biggest successes in that field are:


Vice European Champion in Juniors Class;


More than 50 wins in Juniors and Main Class in Austria;


4 times National Champions of Austria.


Since 2011 Markus and Jessy have been teaching Boogie Woogie and were welcomed by international events in many countries such as Germany, England, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland etc.


Feeling of each other combined with passion to what they do makes them a very harmonious couple. When it comes to teaching, their main topics are Leading and Following connected with Musicality. The fun, harmony and special 'Viennese sense of humor' - is what makes them distinctive and memorable couple.


Did you know that...


Markus is married and has two beautiful kids who also share his love to dancing. His daughter is attending ballet classes.

In his day to day life he is working in a food delivery company and on the weekend he is travelling much for teaching and performing together with Jessy.


Jessy has education in environmental field and now is working as a project manager. Apart from the job her life is dedicated solely to dancing because this is her biggest passion.


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