Mountain Excursion

Boogie Feet's Festival


North from Dombås lies area called Grønsetra. This name can be translated as the "Green place." Offering beautiful views, walking (Summer) and skiing (Winter) possibilities this area is one of the favourite destinations for tourists and local people.


BFF 2018 would like to offer its participants to enjoy Grønsetra's Mountain views, learn more about natural resourses and historical buildings of this area (Dovrefjell region) and taste traditional norwegian waffels.


Date/Time: 05.08.2018, 11:30 - 17:00

Duration: 4 hours (bus drive - 20 minutes one way)

Transportation: bus

Ticket cost: 50 NOK if you pay before or on 01.08.18 at the BFF Checkin

150 NOK if you pay after 01.08.18

To participate: Ask for the Nature Experience ticket at the BFF Checkin


Short plan: walking through the area, visiting viewpoint on Grønho, guided tour in historical buildings, tasting traditional norwegian waffels.


The trip of BFF 2018 is DIFFERENT from the trip of the BFF 2017! The picture of the last year you can see bellow :)



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