Program and competitions

Boogie Feet's Festival


General Program

Wednesday, 01.08

Festival Registration


Accommodation Checkin


Welcome Dance Party - DJ Music

Thursday, 02.08

Level Audition




Dance Party - DJ Music


Competition Prelims

Friday, 03.08



Party - Live Music


Competition Finals

Saturday, 04.08



Open Air in Dombås City Center




Dance Party - Live Music


Competition Finals

Sunday, 05.08

Mountain Trip: 11:30 - 17:00


Taster Classes: 19:00


Small Dance Party - DJ: 20:00


All preliminary rounds will be danced on Thursday, so that finals are left for the Friday's and Saturday's parties.

Jack'n'Jill Open

Everyone is welcomed to take part in this division. However you cannot take part in both Jack'n'Jills.

Jack'n'Jill Advanced

If you consider yourself as an advanced dancer, please take part in this division, however take into account that you can participate only in one Jack'n'Jill.

Slow - Couples

The best six couples will enter final. The tempo will be slow. Please bring your best slow costumes!

Strictly - Couples

The best six couples will enter final which will be danced to the live music.



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