Rasmus Holmqvist

Rasmus Holmqvist (Sweden) started as sportsman and ended up as a dancer.


He was forced to try dancing by his mom at the age of 6. Since then he loved every minute of it. Now he is 25 years old and the main reason for keeping on dancing is that magical moment when you are melting together with the music and a partner. "There is nothing like it, I MEAN NOTHING like it!"


Rasmus has been actively competing in Boogie Woogie on national and international level and together with his sister-partner got Podium places in World Championships as well as Bronze Medal on the World Dance Sport Games 2013 in Kaohsuing, Taiwan.


Now Rasmus is teaching Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Solo jazz, Balboa, Bugg, Shag and Blues all over Europe.


Rasmus doesn't believe in sports results as much as in personalities, own style and true joy, that matter for dancing much more.


Did you know that...


Rasmus is a professional masseuse in addition to his dancing.






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