Living at BFF

Boogie Feet's Festival

Check-in at BFF

The doors of the BFF Checkin will be open on the 24th of July 2019 around 15:00.


The BFF Checkin will take place in Location 1 which is called Samfunnshus (Nord-Gubrandsdal videregåande Skule avd Dombås) in the City Centre. The precise adress is Lars Moens Veg 5, 2660, Dombås.


Registering and paying on the spot at Checkin is possible, however the BFF will NOT be responsible for your accommodation.

Transportation at BFF

Transportation within BFF 2019 will be organized from the Trolltun Gjestegård to the City Centre (Location 1 - Samfunnshus) and back four times per day:

- in the morning before the classes

- after the classes

- to the party

- from the party (two times)


Precise schedule of the transportation you will receive at the BFF Check-in.


In Dombås City Centre you can find all kinds of food possibilities such as a restaurant, traditional food place, fast food, gas station and two supermarkets right next to the Festival venues.


All cottages are equiped with kitchen, so you can cook there.


During parties BFF will provide hot dogs sale at the venue.


Please bring a jacket as well as some warm clothes and shoes.


For the classes you can wear whatever feels comfortable. Competition track is very intense, so jeans and tight clothes are not recommended! Better take sports clothes.


Wedensday and Sunday Dance Parties are pretty cozy/relaxed and Thursday, Friday and Saturday Dance Parties are more classy. The Boogie Woogie have it's roots from 1950's which makes many dancers to dress up accordingly. Feel free to do it too.

If you are taking part in the Musk Ox Safari on Sunday, please bring tracking shoes and warm clothes - sweater, wind jacket, warm pants and something for the head. It is colder and more windy in the mountains than in the valley.


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