Passes prices & Levels

Boogie Feet's Festival

Passes & Prices

The prices are in Norwegian Kronas. Please use the currency converter. Registering you pay for the BFF pass adding accommodation option in the menue.


Full Pass includes full participation in the Festival: dance classes according to your dance level and all parties.


Class Pass includes participation in the dance classes, excluding dance parties.


Party Pass includes participation in all dance parties excluding classes.

Level Options

BW Intensive

For everyone that has been dancing Boogie Woogie for less than a year.


BW Audition

Everyone registering for this track will have to go through the audition. The audition will devide the participants into a regular Intermediate and Advanced groups.


BW Competition

For this track a dance partner is required and there will be no changing partners in the classes. You should be comfortable dancing to slow and fast tempos, have taken part in a BW competition at least twice in your life, have a few prepared dance figures/highlights.


BW Invitational

This is a closed group of the highest level where participants have been personaily invited to take part.


All tracks except BW Competition are Social Dance Classes. There is going to be a change of partners in the classes, and in case you don't want to change partners, BFF classes are not for you. Change of partners in a social class is something very important and natural to improve as a Boogie Woogie Social Dancer :)

Before 1st of June:

After 1st of June:

Full Pass - 1450 NOK

Full Pass - 1700 NOK

Party pass - 1000 NOK

Party Pass - 1250 NOK

Classes Pass - 900 NOK

Classes Pass - 1150 NOK


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