Registration and Levels

Boogie Feet's Festival

The Registration will be opened on the

1st of January 2018!

The prices are in Norwegian Kronas.

Please use the currency converter below.

When the registration is open you will have options to chose from, including different kinds of BFF passes as well as accommodation options. So far we provide pass prices excluding accommodation.


BFF Prices

Full Pass - 1400 NOK

Party pass - 900 NOK

Classes Pass - 800 NOK


Accommodation Prices

Coming soon...

The level options for the dance classes


If you have just started and maybe learned basic steps or haven't learned anything, this is your group!


Social 1

You already know basic steps and basic variations such as change of place, entrance and exit from the closed position, side passes, started learnign 8-count steps/variations.


Social 2

You know all basic variations and master 8-count steps and some variations. You learn spinning techniques, turns and combined figures which include more than one moment of leading. For example: redirections, variations of 8-count swingout, variations of sugar push etc.


Social 3

You are confident on the dance floor and know many different lead and follow techniques, musicality principles and rhythm variations. This level offers very complex and at the same time detailed aproach to the principles you have been learning through your dance life.



If you are experienced competitior or still considering going on the stage, this is your chance! Two best judges of the World Rock-n-roll Confederation (who had been competitors themselves) will be sharing their secrets of winning and getting the best results. Don't miss it!



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