Silvan Zingg Trio

Silvan Zingg, Nuno Alexandre and Valerio Felice are a top level musicians performing Boogie Woogie all over the world.


They work not only as a great team, but also individually.


Silvan Zingg is "The Boogie Woogie Ambassador from Switzerland" who started playing the piano at the age of 10 being inspired by vintage recordings.


After accomplishing education Silvan started performing worldwide and got to play on one stage with B.B King and Chuck Berry.

There are many articles written about this great musician. Check out Wikipedia and Silvan Zingg's Biography


Nuno Alexandre is a "slapbass" specialist whose technique of playing the bass is mastered by only few musicians nowadays.

Valerio Felice is a drummer whose style is subtle adapting perfectly to Silvan's piano play. What is more he can amazingly accompany any kind of music with his drum technique.


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