Sondre Tanya

Sondre Olsen-Bye and Tanya Georgiievska have just one and a half year of dance partnership together, but already achieved many positive results in their dancing.


Both started dancing in the early childhood and went through many competitions, performances and teaching with other partners. Sondre got Champion title in Boogie Woogie Junior Class in 2011 (Stuttgart, Germany) and Tanya won four World Cups in Main Class getting Master of Sports in 2014.


It was not until August 2015 when Sondre and Tanya tried themselves as a dance couple at SwingAout Festival (LaRoquebrou, France). Since then it rolled on like a snowball with lots of practicing, performing, travelling around for competitions and teaching.


In amost two years together they already have:


First position in the WRRC Boogie Woogie Rank list

Bronze medal on the Boogie Woogie World Championship 2016

First place in two Boogie Woogie World Cups 2016 and 2017

Performing and teaching Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz at more than 15 different dance and music festivals, such as

Rock that Swing, International Boogie Woogie festival (by Silvan Zingg), Boogiefezst (by Balazs Daniel), SwingAout, Jump and Dance etc in Europe and Canada.


Did you know that...


Sondre is actual organizer of Boogie Feet's Festival! :) Appart from dancing he is a professional farmer and knows everything about milk and meat production in Norway.

In autumn 2015 he also started self learning to play piano and already in half a year spontaneously performed on the stage sharing instrument with Silvan Zingg. Except Boogie Woogie he is also dancing Norwegian Swing, Lindy hop and Solo Charleston.


Tanya has L.lm in International and European Public law and was supposed to work as a lawyer, but couldn't let dancing go and chose it as her profession. Through all her life she has been dancing contemporary, modern jazz, acrobatic rock-n-roll and boogie woogie. Appart from it her biggest passion is drawing and in 2012 - 14 she worked as animator at cartoon making studio in Kiev.



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