The Festival

Boogie Feet's Festival

The BFF is


an annual event held in Dombås (Norway) embracing high quality Boogie Woogie live music, dancing and cozy homemade athmosphare of Norwegian nature.


Morning- and daytime dance classes are followed by the parties with live music and many small additional events, such as performances, competitions and spontaneous jams.


BFF is a special meeting point for the Boogie Woogie fans which has already gathered more than 19 different nationalities together!


The BFF 2019 Upgraded


~All locations will be collected near the city centre of Dombås;

~Free transportation between Trolltun and centre 5 times per day;

~Dance classes will be held in Dombås Skole and dance parties will be in Samfunnshus;

~NO classes in the TENT!

~10 hours of classes per track.

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