Boogie Feet's Festival

The Concert


The Concert will be held on Saturday, 27th of July 2019, in Samfunnshus. The exact time will be provided on the Ticket you will receive at the BFF reception.


All Artists got together on one stage will be rocking with their amazing Boogie Woogie and Blues tunes. The dance teachers make it complete with the showcases.


Since we do NOT organize anything like Teachers' show or Cabaret, the Concert is the only chance to see all crazy musicians and dancers creating one big performance for you.


Of course live music is going to be played at the dance parties, however the concert will give you a wider spectrum of musicians' repertoire.


As a BFF participant you receive a special price buying the Concert ticket while registering to the Boogie Feet's Festival.


To attend the concert please go to the Registration page and add a Concert ticket into your BFF package. Please note that Full Pass does NOT include a concert ticket.



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