Thomas Sophie

Thomas Audon and Sophie Allaf are dancing together for the last 6 years.


Sophie was introduced to dancing at 10 years old when she started with Classic Ballet.


Thomas was 8 when he first went to Ballroom dancing and in the age of 10 he started Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll.

He kept on competing for the next 8 years until he decided to move on to another kind of dancing and go for education.


In 2008 Thomas finished university in License in Marketing.

From 2009 till 2015 he worked in the bank until he decided to quit his job for complete dedication to dancing.


Since 2011 Thomas and Sophie compete in Boogie Woogie nationally and internationally. They are 6 times Champions of France as well as World Champions 2016.


They also are great teachers of Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop and Salsa.

Lead/Follow and Sharing is two core principles of social dancing Thomas and Sophie value the most.


Did you know that...


Thomas is a big fan of Nintendo and plays much during his free time :) 'Zelda' and 'Mario Kart' are two favourite games for him.


Small Sophie has Master degree in Mathematics and is giving privates for students.





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