Thorbjørn Flora

Thorbjorn Solvoll Urskog and Flora Bouchereau both had been part of the Boogie Woogie competition scene for quite some time with previous partners when they started dancing together in the early part of 2014.


With their enthusiastic, fun and pedagogical approach to the dance, they rapidly became a regular at the boogie woogie events around the world, and later on they crowned an already successful year with winning the title as world champions in their very first competition. A title which they continued on and defended up until they retired from the competition scene in the end of 2015.


Today Thorbjørn and Flora teach Boogie Woogie and Lindy hop at a full time basis. From their base in Montpellier, France, they are hopping around from event to event, sharing the passion and love this dance has to offer. So don't be surprised if you see them soon at an event near you.


Did you know that...


Thorbjørn finished nothing less than 2 higher educations at the technological university of Norway. In addition to dancing he's a civil engineer in computer aided design, and has a trainer education from the Norwegian Olympic federation.


Already from an early age Flora tried various paths before finding her call as a swing dancer. She was a typical skater-girl with cap and baggy jeans who did sailing, skating, in-lines and she even was a national champion in giant slalom in her age group.



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