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Boogie Feet's Festival

Travelling to BFF

If you require VISA, please send us an e-mail to with the scan of your passport after registering and we will send you an invitation.


The best way to get to Dombås from anywhere in Norway is to take a train. The train tickets can be bought at Put Dombås as the destination station.

NOTE: Purchasing train tickets online is MUCH cheaper than at the Trainstation! Also close to the dates there can be no tickets left.


If you are going by plane, the most convenient airports will be: Oslo Gardermoen (Oslo Lufthavn), Torp Sandefjord Lufthavn - near Oslo (it will be a further way by train than from Gardermoen) and Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes. After coming by plane, take a train to Dombås.

Arriving at BFF

Arriving by Train

On the 1st of August 2018 all day long BFF CREW members will be at the train station of Dombås to meet you and provide all needed assistance to the Registration place (Location 1 - Samfunnshus in the town centre) including a car drive in case your luggage is heavy.


Arriving by Car

The main place of the BFF 2018 is Samfunnshus (on Google Maps: Nord-Gubrandsdal videregåande Skule avd Dombås) in the City Centre, where the Registration will take place. Please put it on your GPS system as a destination point. The precise adress is Lars Moens Veg 5, 2660, Dombås.

Check-in at BFF

The doors of the BFF Checkin will be open on the 1st of August 2018 at 15:00 till 00:00.


The BFF Checkin will take place in Location 1 which is called Samfunnshus (Nord-Gubrandsdal videregåande Skule avd Dombås) in the City Centre. The precise adress is Lars Moens Veg 5, 2660, Dombås.


Registering and paying on the spot at Checkin is possible, however the BFF will NOT be responsible for your accommodation. Please arrange it yourself using the information below or from the Traveling & Living section of this website. Please note that applying for the Social track you will still have to go through the Audition on Thursday.

It is no longer possible to book an accommodation through this web site! Please contact the accommodation places directly to arrange your stay.

Domaas Gård Hyttetun og Caravancamp

Cabins situated in the walking distance from the city centre.

Midtskog Camping

Cabins close to the city centre.

Trolltun Gjestegård

This location is further away, around 15 min walking up the hill from the Centre.


Bed sheets are normally excluded from the cottage price. This year Midtskog sponsored bed sheets to the BFF participants in its cottages. About the bed sheets in other cottages please contact the places directly.

NOTE: Domaas Gård and Midstkog Camping also provide place for sleeping in your Tent. BFF does not offer tent option at the registration and takes no responsibility for it. If you would like to stay in your tent, please contact the abovementioned places and arrange it yoursel.


Transportation within BFF 2018 will be organized from the Trolltun Gjestegård to the City Centre (Location 1 - Samfunnshus) and back four times per day:

- in the morning before the classes

- after the classes

- to the party

- from the party (two times)


Precise schedule of the transportation you will receive at the BFF Check-in on the 1st of August 2015.

In Dombås City Centre you can find all kinds of food possibilities such as a restaurant, traditional food place, fast food, gas station and two supermarkets right next to the Festival venues.


All cottages are equiped with kitchen, so you can cook there.


During parties BFF will provide hot dogs sale at the venue.


During Saturday Open Air BFF Pizza and BFF Burger will be offered for special price for everyone!


Even in August the weather in Dombås is not always warm and sunny. Good example of this was BFF 2017 - raining almost every day. Therefore please bring a jacket as well as some warm clothes and shoes.


For the classes you can wear whatever feels comfortable. Competition track is very intense, so jeans and tight clothes are not recommended! Better take sports clothes.


Wedensday and Sunday Dance Parties are pretty cozy/relaxed and Thursday, Friday and Saturday Dance Parties are more classy. The Boogie Woogie have it's roots from 1950's which makes many dancers to dress up accordingly. Feel free to do it too.

If you are taking part in the Nature Experience on Sunday, please bring clothes for it. It is colder and more windy in the mountains than in the valley. Please bring a jacket as well as suitable shoes for walking in the nature.



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