Accommodation & Travel

Boogie Feet's Festival

22-26 July 2020

Dombås, Norway


Trolltun Gjestegård 

15 min walking from the main location


  • 5 and 6 beds cottage - 1145 NOK p/night p/cottage (SOLD OUT)
  • Hotel single room (breakfast included) - 995 p/night p/room
  • Hotel double room (breakfast included) - 1250 NOK p/night p/room
  • Hotel room with three beds (breakfast incl) - 1525 NOK p/night p/room
  • Hostel single bed** (shared room) - 405 NOK p/night p/bed
  • Hostel 4 beds room - 910 NOK p/night p/room

*Bed sheets are not included

*Kitchen, shower, toilet and water are installed in all cottages

**You might share room with other people

Booking Conditions

Booking - Online (BFF registration)

Payment - Online in advance (BFF registration)

Transportation: we will provide from Trolltun to the main location for extra payment 100 NOK for all days

Cottage in Trolltun (SOLD OUT) - Booking tips:

Collect a company of 4-6 people to live all together. One of you will pay online for the whole cottage and all others will give him/her money back. Those others will have to register for the Festival, but without paying any accommodation

Hostel and Hotel in Trolltun

If you book a double room (or any other kind of room), you pay for the whole room and it is up to you who will be living with you in that room. People living with you do not need to pay online for the accommodation because they will deal with you directly.

*There are plenty of other accommodation options in Dombås. As we don't work with them, please use the online search for booking :)

Travelling to BFF

Require VISA?

Please e-mail us to with the scan of your passport after registering and we will send you an invitation.

Coming by TRAIN?

Train tickets can be bought at

Put Dombås as the destination station.

NOTE: Purchasing train tickets online is MUCH cheaper than at the Trainstation! Also close to the dates there can be no tickets left.

Which AIRPORTS are closest to Dombås?

Oslo Gardermoen (Oslo Lufthavn), Torp Sandefjord Lufthavn - near Oslo (it will be a further way by train than from Gardermoen) and Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes. After coming by plane, take a train to Dombås.

Arriving by car?

The main place of the BFF 2020 is Dombås Skole (on Google Maps: Nord-Gubrandsdal videregåande Skule avd Dombås) in the City Centre, where the Registration will take place. Please put it on your GPS system as a destination point. The precise adress is Lars Moens Veg 5, 2660, Dombås.