Dance Class Levels

Boogie Woogie Beginner 

You do not need to know anything about dancing! This Level start from the very scratch :) You will learn how to social dance Boogie Woogie after taking part in this level. We will be changing dance partner during the classes. 

Boogie Woogie Intermediate

You already know basic steps, main principles of leading & following and musicality. You know basic variations involving turns, simple spins and 8-count figures (such as swingout). You can variate your dance with them and interpret the music.

Boogie Woogie Advanced

You can dance to different tempos and know how to lead or / and follow 4, 6, 8, 10 count variations. You are familiar with the concept of body-lead and can interpret music with by improvising together with your dance partner. You are familiar with rhythmic variation.

Boogie Woogie Intensive - SOLD OUT

A dance partner is NOT required for this level, but you can come with your partner and not change during the classes. If you are coming as a dance couple, please register separately in any case.

This level will focus on personal and couple dance techniques, body control and dancing to different tempos. It is also suitable for competitors, as well as for social dancers who want to improve their their general skills.
The dancers will be pushed to the maximum in this Level, so get ready to sweat! The aim of this Class Level is to improve your personal Boogie Woogie dancing as much as possible.

Boogie Woogie Invitational

Only open for the dancers that have recieved a personal invitation from the BFF Team. Other Dancers might be placed to the Invitational Level during the festival if they show the skills required.

Dance Camp Schedule 

Stay Tuned!