Travel to Boogie Feet´s Festival  

BFF is organized in Dombås, Norway. Dombås or Dombaas is a village in Dovre Municipality in Norway. The village serves as the commercial centre for the upper Gudbrandsdalen (valley).

The nearest airports to Dombås are:

  • Oslo Airport (Oslo Lufthavn) - 3,5 to 4 hours away 
  • Trondheim Airport, Værnes - around 3 hours away 
  • Torp Sandefjord Airport - 5 to 5,5 hours away 

A lot of BFF participants prefer to get a RENTAL CAR near the airport and drive to the festival (and also explore more of Norway either ahead or after the festival).

If you get by BUS/TRAIN book several weeks in advance to secure availability and the cheapest price. You can book bus and train here:

    At the Festival 

    The BFF Crew will meet all participants arriving with bus or train on the 19th of July (Wednesday). The crew will be transporting your luggage to the registration and BFF main location. The BFF main location is 15 minutes wakling from the train station.