At the BFF 2020

Boogie Feet's Festival

22-26 July 2020

Dombås, Norway


  • There are 4 venues at the BFF 2020
  • Main venue - Dombas skole: parties, classes and the BFF office
  • Other locations - Samfunnshus, Heimevernets skole and Ski stadium: classes
  • Improved space and airconditioning for your comfort :) 


  • Transportation will be provided 4 times per day from Trolltun to Dombas Skole and back
  • Transportation for the whole Festival period will cost 100 NOK
  • Transportation bracelets can be purchased at the registration or checkin
  • There is no one day bracelet possible


  • All teachers' performances will be held during the dance parties - No concert will be organized
  • If you would like to perform as well please contact us using the Contact Form
  • If you do not dance Boogie Woogie, but would like to attend the party with performance please buy a single party pass ticket in the BFF office

Sunday trip - NEW PLACE!

  • The very new place where we have never been before :)
  • This time we will visit Dovre bergseng seter near the Grimsdalshytta (more information HERE)
  • Approximately one hour from Dombås by bus
  • Please pre-order the trip while registering, otherwise we don't guarantee the place in the bus
  • We do not allow private cars on the trip due to the organization reasons
  • The price is 150 NOK

Audition and partner change

  • Level audition is obligatory for everyone except Competition and Invitational tracks
  • In the very exceptional cases teachers may transfer limited amount of students to the Invitational during audition, however it is their own decision
  • You don't need to take part in the audition if you agree to go directly to Level 1
  • There is no pure beginners track
  • Change of partners is obligatory in all tracks except Competition